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A Legacy of Honor

Vet-Pens LLC is more than a business; it’s an enduring tribute to our brave servicemen and women, encapsulating stories of honor, sacrifice, and brotherhood. Each pen is a tribute, representing stories that are compelling and unique, echoing the valor of the veteran community.

Our tradition is born from a profound respect for our military veterans, firefighters, police officers, and EMS personnel. We specialize in handcrafted pens and keychains made from once-fired brass, tailored to endure a lifetime of memories. These pieces are more than mere writing instruments – their stories waiting to be told, symbols of sacrifice and service.

The origin of Vet Pens traces back to the Freedom Pens initiative started in 2007 by Charlie Thompson. He embarked on this journey as a tribute to service members returning from Iraq, driven by the experience of losing his son. In the summer of 2010, as age and health issues loomed, Charlie passed the torch to my Uncle Hap, a dedicated Vietnam Veteran and Purple Heart Recipient. Recognizing the significance of this tradition, Hap, was dedicated to ensuring this tradition wouldn’t fade. He developed new equipment, fine-tuned the crafting process, introduced innovations like hand polishing, and added a personal touch with engraving.

The next chapter of our story began on a visit to Hap’s workshop in Iowa Sept 2020, I was entranced as he shared the intricate pen-making process and their deep-rooted history. As a man who saw the challenging reception Vietnam veterans faced upon returning home, Hap had always viewed these pens as symbols ensuring such treatment would never be repeated. Yet, amidst these enlightening moments, Hap’s revelation that he might be the last craftsman of Freedom Pens struck a profound chord in me.

On our journey back to North Carolina, a chance encounter with three veterans, one being a Vietnam veteran, at a Virginia rest stop. After gifting pens and keychains to them – tokens from Uncle Hap – their appreciation for the pens, tokens of respect and gratitude, underscored the importance of continuing this tradition and cemented my resolve.

After careful consideration and discussions with my family, I reached out to Uncle Hap with a proposition: I wanted to breathe new life into this legacy. By December 2020, the dream began to materialize. Vet Pens LLC was established, and with Uncle Hap’s blessing, guidance, and ingenuity, we innovated and fine-tuned our machinery we revamped the pen-making process, innovating the technology involved without sacrificing the artistry.

Today, with Vet-Pens.com, our family is deeply committed to the mission. From website content to production and customer service, we’re unified in our goal: To craft not just pens, but legacies. Our pens are not just about the brass and engraving, but the stories they represent. With every pen we make, a new page is added to the story, ensuring our legacy continues.